REGISTRATION at THE SPHERE Academy of American Billiard

Come and learn to play like a pro!!!

The SPHERE Academy of American Billiard and Sports Centre was established in 2003. The goal of the Academy is to promote and develop the sport of American Billiard and to encourage players in their effort to reach their highest level of performance. This is the FIRST American Billiard Academy in Switzerland, and it includes also practical and theoretical courses given by one or more competent professors. Furthermore, the main goal of this school is to transmit the basic knowledge along with the appropriate technique of Billiard, as well as in a further stage, to integrate students into a Swiss Billiard Federation, in order for them to express themselves through this activity and to demonstrate their knowledge with their participation in organized tournaments.


The courses take place on Mondays every week for two hours from 18h00 to 20h00. 30-minute break is included in the 2-hour course.
There are no courses during the school holidays (2 months from July to August).


200CHF/month or 2000CHF/year (monthly or yearly contract, the table hours are offered throughout the course).

For more information concerning the dates of payment please see the Rules and Regulations of the Sphere Academy at the point 1.4.

(1.4). The first payment has to be effectuated at the moment of registration (payment per month or per year). Monthly payments have to be made every month, before the 25th of the month. Payments for yearly contracts have to be made in the beginning of the contract itself. In case of late payments without written justification after a period of 5 working days following the deadline, courses are automatically stopped.

Duration of the course:

The Billiard Academy is divided into 2 categories: A & B.
Starting with his/her registration, the student is automatically put in the category B, in order for the professor to evaluate his/her level of performance, and especially also to teach him/her the most important elements of the technique. Sooner or late, the student can move from category B to category A considering the effectuated progress (short exams and test are planned for the end of every trimester, as well as a final exam in the end of the 4th trimester. Therefore, the duration of the course depends on the progress of the student, but there is a minimum of 365 (three hundred and sixty five) days, including also the trial period.

Registration contract

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Rules and regulations

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Pool rules (french only)

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